Thanassis Solomos

Born in Patras, he graduated from the State School of Dance, Athens. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Greek National Opera Ballet. He has worked with Daniel Lommel’s Aenaon Dance Theatre, Sine Qua Non Dance Theatre, Harris Mandafounis’ Modern Dance Company, Dimitris Papaioannou’s Edafos Dance Theatre, Proschima, Theatrokinisi, Χ-Art, as well as with Lila Zafiropoulou’s Eldor modern dance group. He has danced in Belgium, Holland and Finland as part of the Choreo-Co-Ordination Project of Elia Dance Section for dance and the arts representing the State School of Dance and Greece. As a member of Aenaon Dance Theatre he has danced in important works by Lommel. He has taught modern dance in Japan and France, in amateur and professional dance schools as well as in drama schools. As a choreographer he has created the pieces Alongside, Intervention, Existence // Space for the Open Rehearsal of Young Choreographers of the Greek National Opera.