The GNO School of Dance’s curriculum is based on the philosophy of treating movement as a means of strengthening students’ imagination and creativity, and on the need to develop special skills both on a technical and an artistic level. Moreover, the curriculum is designed to help participants understand the techniques and artistic forms of expression of classical ballet and other dance forms.

The education provided places emphasis on the acquaintance with and understanding of the history of dance and performative arts and their evolution over time. Participants in the programme have the chance to also familiarize themselves with other art forms, such as applied or audio-visual arts, with the goal of enriching their sensory world and their perception of the art of dance.

During their studies students learn to work together in groups while exercising their critical skills in regards to their expectations about their professional future in classical and/or modern dance. At the same time, an important goal of the programme is to encourage cultural and educational exchanges with other Organizations at a local and international level. Through such exchanges, students have the chance to get a clear and concise picture of the contemporary creative universe and their position in it.


The Greek National Opera School of Dance runs preparatory and advanced professional courses for dancers and dance teachers.

Preparatory courses (for students aged 12-17) serve as a preparation hub for those aiming for admission to the professional courses.

Professional courses in dance (for students aged above 15 years) and dance teacher training (for students aged above 18 years) last for three years. The courses for dancers are open to students with a middle-school diploma and courses for dance teachers are open to students with a high-school diploma.


Subjects taught in the professional courses:

Classical Ballet

Modern & Contemporary Dance

Classical Ballet Repertoire

Modern Dance Repertoire

Pas de Deux


Improvisation & Elements of Choreography

Dance teacher training (for dance teachers)

Greek Dances

Applied anatomy and physiology/myology?

Theory and analysis of modern ballet techniques

Theory and analysis of modern dance techniques

Historical & theatrical dances (character)


Educational psychology (for the department of Dance Teachers)

Choreography – composition

Subjects taught in the preparatory courses:

Classical Ballet

Modern dance

Classical ballet repertory/Pas de Deux