The Greek National Opera School of Dance runs preparatory and advanced professional classes for dancers & dance teachers.
Preparatory classes (for students aged 12-15) function as a nursery for students aiming to become professional dancers or teachers.
Professional courses (for students aged above 15) in dance and dance instruction last for three years. The department for dancers accepts students with a middle-school diploma and the department for dance teachers accepts students with a high-school diploma.

Classes taught at the school are:

Classical Ballet
Modern & Contemporary Dance
Classical Ballet Repertoire
Modern Dance Repertoire
Pas de Deux
Improvisation & Elements of Choreography
Teaching (for the department of Dance Teachers)
Greek Dances
Applied Anatomy & Physiology
Theory & Analysis of Ballet Techniques
Theory & Analysis of Contemporary Dance Techniques
Student Psychology (for the department of Dance Teachers)
Historical & Theatrical Dances (character)