Opera Box

 Opera Box is a groundbreaking digital educational and entertainment setting aimed at students and teachers of secondary education, which invites users to an experiential exploration of the multifaceted art of opera and music theatre. 

The key educational objectives of the Opera Box webpage are to introduce school and educational communities to the inter-artistic world of opera, enrich music teaching – within and outside the formal artistic education context–, and link school communities with opera.

More specifically, Opera Box offers teachers and students a series of original multimedia and interactive materials as supporting educational tools for a more effective participation in the educational programme. A fascinating video game inspired by the performance Offenbach’s La belle Hélène, entertaining quizzes, an imaginative guide for creating and producing an improvised school opera, and a speed-course and at the same time delightful tour from the birth of opera to the new trends and gender stereotypes through a rich audio-visual material, build the core of the unique experience offered to Opera Box users. The webpage will also give access to the filmed version of the Greek National Opera’s new opera for young audiences that tours to Junior High Schools across Greece,  as part of the programme.