Wednesday, 05 October 2022

Open call to participate in the Intercultural Dance Group of the GNO Learning & Participation

The Intercultural Dance Group of the GNO Learning & Participation Department invites dancers of all nationalities with great experience in different genres (such as hip hop, break dance, Latin, Indian dances, traditional dances from various parts of the world etc.) to become its new members.

During the period November 2021 to April 2022, the International Dance Workshop accommodated 13 dancers of different ages and dance identities. Its work was enriched with traditional Greek, African, Indonesian, African and Afro-American dances, as well as with tango, flamenco, jazz, boogie and contemporary techniques. Each dance practice was studied separately and presented by the participants in their own personal style, given that dance is always filtered through the particular people that approach and perceive it in any place at any given time. The workshop leaders introduced to the group their own methodological and movement approaches – fruits of their research on the relationship between traditional and contemporary techniques “Apogeios”. The workshop’s primary goal was to enhance the feeling of belonging and encourage improvisation and collective co-creation.

For this new season, the workshop’s goals are to strengthen the ties among the members of the already-formed group while also welcoming new members from other dance fields on the one hand, and to integrate new influences, tools and methods on the other. The research process will be based both on bringing out the particularities and the aesthetic of each dance tradition separately and on finding common ground among them, and the workshop’s special focus will be on questions about the construction and multiple representation of gender, both through the act of dance and through its context. In the end, the workshop leaders will attempt to build a collaboration between the Intercultural Dance Group and the Intercultural Orchestra, so that they can jointly create a final presentation to the wider audience.

Applications to participate in the Intercultural Dance Group will be submitted exclusively via the form you will find here by 21/10/2022.

For a limited number of participants.

Application deadline: 28/10/2022

Planning/Implementation: Polina Kremasta (choreographer)

Assistant to the choreographer: Thenia Antoniadou

Start: 31 October 2022

Duration: 31/10/2022 to 29/05/2023

Day & time: Mondays, 18.00-21.00



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