Exit: Spring
Exit: Spring
May - June 2020


1st GNO Online Festival

Exit: Spring

Available Dates

  • 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 May 2020
  • 02, 06, 08, 28, 30 Jun 2020

Ministry of Culture and Sports (www.culture.gov.gr)

1st Greek National Opera Online Festival


17 May – 30 June 2020

www.nationalopera.gr, GNO’s Facebook page, GNO YouTube channel

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The Greek National Opera opens a new cycle of artistic programming. The first Online Festival titled EXIT: SPRING and curated by Artistic Director Giorgos Koumendakis spreads its wings into the digital world and invites us to a new viewing and listening experience. From 17th May to 30th June 2020, eleven new music, opera, operetta and music theatre video-performances created during the pandemic, as well as one recorded dance performance, come for free to our homes via www.nationalopera.gr, GNO’s Facebook page and GNO YouTube channel. All Festival video-performances revolve around the themes of the anticipation of spring, the rebirth of nature and the coming of the new. The Festival is made possible by a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) [www.SNF.org] to enhance the Greek National Opera’s artistic outreach.


Θοδωρής Τζοβανάκης   φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 5295 SMALL

Sunday 17 May│ Lonely Miniatures of Spring – piano Thodoris Tzovanakis


Σονάτα της Άνοιξης, Γουβέλης, Κολοκοτρώνης   φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 6040 SMALL

Tuesday 19 May│ L.V.Beethoven’s “Spring” Sonata No. 5, Violin Michalis Kolokotronis, piano Titos Gouvelis


Thursday 21 May│ Streaming of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, choreographed by Daphnis Kokkinos, featuring the GNO Ballet.


Ρεσιτάλ Τσέλιας Κοστέα   φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 5544 SMALL

Saturday 23 May│ Cellia Costea performs The Lovely Month of May


Άνοιξη χωρίς περιορισμούς   Behind Bars   φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 8 SMALL

Monday 25 May│ For a Spring Without Limitations– Percussion Duet “Behind Bars”, GNO Orchestra


Το πέρασμα φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 7595 SMALL

Wednesday 27 May│ The Passage to Spring – GNO Orchestra Musicians

  Μαρίνα Σάττι Chores   φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 7988 2 SMAL

Friday 29 May│ Eight Dodecanesian Songs of Yiannis Konstantinidis, featuring Marina Satti & Chóres


Άνοιξη στα Απαλάχια   Ορχήστρα ΕΛΣ   Φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 6655 SMALL

Tuesday 2 June│ Appalachian Spring – a music and dance dialogue by Martha Graham and Aaron Copland– GNO Orchestra Musicians & Elena Topalidou


Η συνέλευση των ζώων Χριστογιαννόπουλος   φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 5736 SMALL

Saturday 6 June│ G.Kouroupos’ The Assembly of Animals to a libretto by P.Korovessis- Τassis Christoyannis

 paidiki SMALL

Monday 8 June | When Will, When Will Summer Come? – GNO Children's Chorus Concert, Chorus Mistress Konstantina Pitsiakou


Opera Povera   Χρ. Μαλιαμάνη, Χ. Ανδριανός   φωτό Α. Σιμόπουλος 8169 SMAL

Sunday 28 June │ Opera Povera – conducted by Elias Voudouris, directed by Alexandros Efklidis, featuring GNO Soloists and a GNO Orchestra six-member ensemble


Greek National Opera Stavros Niarchos Hall SNFCC 2164 photo Vassilis Makris.jpg SMALL

Tuesday 30 June│ Operetta Povera – conducted by Elias Voudouris, directed by Alexandros Efklidis, featuring GNO Soloists and a GNO Orchestra seven-member ensemble