Stavros Niarchos Hall

Ballet - Edward Clug / Léo Delibes, Milko Lazar

May 2024
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Conductor: Konstantinos Terzakis

Concept, libretto, choreography, dramaturgy: Edward Clug
Sets: Marko Japelj, Nika Zupanc
Costumes: Leo Kulaš
Lighting: Tomaž Premzl

Πρωταγωνιστές Παράστασης

Anna Frangou, Elena Kekkou, Magda Koukou-Ferra, Marta Rivero de Miranda, Marita Nikolitsa, Areti Noti, Eleftheria Stamou, Zoi Schoinoplokaki, Despina Chrysostomou, Alicia Townsend, Ariadni Filippaki


Danilo Zeka, Vangelis Bikos, Manex Alberdi, Yannis Gantsios, Giannis Mitrakis, Elton Dimrochi, Esmeraldo Bitro, Daniele Pekorari, Stefano Pietragalla, Thanassis Solomos, Kaito Takajasi, Yorgos Hatzopoulos


With the Orchestra of the Greek National Opera





Ticket prices: €15, €20, €30, €35, €42, €50, €55, €70
Students, children: €12
Limited visibility seats: €10



Stavros Niarchos Hall



Edward Clug / Léo Delibes, Milko Lazar

Available Dates

  • 12, 15, 17, 18, 19 May 2024

Ballet • New production

Stavros Niarchos Hall of the Greek National Opera – SNFCC

Starts at: 19.30 (Sunday at: 18.30)| clock



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A new production of the ballet Coppélia is to be presented by the Greek National Opera Ballet, choreographed by the acclaimed Slovenian choreographer Edward Clug, one of the most important European artists active in the dance scene today.

Swanhilda is about to be married to Franz but begins to doubt his love for her when he turns his attentions to the mysterious Coppélia. Swanhilda discovers –quite by chance– that the exquisitely beautiful Coppélia is in fact just a mechanical doll, and comes up with a plan to win back her fiancé’s heart. This classical ballet by Delibes is based on the E.T.A. Hoffmann story “Der Sandmann” (“The Sandman”), except here the borderline terrifying presence of a living doll is set within an ideal world.

Edward Clug manages to combine both sides of this story by means of a contemporary dance movement vocabulary, supplementing the lively original music by Léo Delibes with new pieces by Milko Lazar. The sets created by designer Nika Zupanc create an enchanting atmosphere on stage that embraces Coppélia. Clug brings a mysterious and strange world to life here through the magic of beauty.

The choreographer notes: “Coppélia is one of the oldest and most beloved classical ballets. It is loosely adapted from a story found in the E.T.A. Hoffmann book Nachtstücke (“The Night Pieces”), using elements of its plot. From the very start, I knew that I needed to strengthen this plot that was originally designed to ‘entertain’ a 19th-century audience – my intent was to make it more appealing in order to engage today’s audiences. To this end, I began work on a new libretto, and also decided to work with my longstanding collaborator Milko Lazar on a supplemental score that would emphasise the dark, Romantic atmosphere of the original Sandman story and stand in contrast to Delibes’ more delightful Romanticism, while retaining the charms of the original ballet.”