Le Nozze di Figaro Revisited

A heavy set, impressive costumes and red velvet don’t always make for a successful opera. In some cases the only thing needed as a set is a few singers, a pianist and a closet. As simple as that. In this pocket opera, this tiny opera production, precedence is given to music and interpretation. Taking into consideration all of the above, GNO’s Educational and Social Activities shrink Mozart’s comic opera Le Nozze di Figaro into two parallel workshops to create its pocket version with all of you as protagonists! The participants of these two interconnected workshops (music and visual arts/scenography) will morph into composers, musicians, singers and set designers of their very own opera and will become a large company. In this wildly fun pocket opera there’s room for everybody!

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 40 participants (visual group for children aged 8-12, music group for teenagers aged 13-18)

Participation is free on a first come first served basis

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Monday - Friday, 9.00-15.00
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