SNF scholarships to students of the GNO Professional Dance School

As part of the support provided to the Greek National Opera, in January 2019 the SNF announced the awarding of a big grant of €20 million for the implementation of a four-year programming and development plan, which enhances Greek National Opera’s artistic outreach and the communication of its work abroad.

With the support of the SNF, the GNO four-year artistic outreach enhancement programme includes collaborations with renowned Greek and international artists, leading opera houses and some of the most important opera festivals in the world, as well as Scholarships to students of the GNO Professional Dance School to continue their studies abroad.

The main axes of the new SNF grant comprise the development of targeted artistic collaborations, co-productions, invitations of artists and international tours that will help shape a new artistic identity for the Greek National Opera. At the same time, the grant supports the annual programme of events in celebration of the bicentennial of the 1821 Greek War of Independence, as well as a big promotional campaign across the world that will magnify the international impact of GNO’s new artistic mark.

During the academic period 2019/20, amidst the difficult and unprecedented new conditions we’ve all experienced, the first annual study abroad scholarships programme of the GNO Professional Dance School was launched and successfully completed. This great gesture of support and reward gave two honors’ graduate students of our School the unique opportunity to continue their studies in dance abroad, worthily gaining a place in a prominent foreign educational institution.