Melisma is the new year-long cycle of educational and artistic activities for persons of all ages introduced by the GNO Learning & Participation Department. Its pilot implementation has already started since June 2022 in the wider region of Northern Evia that has been severely affected by the unprecedented wildfires of summer 2021. The project, centered around the villages of Limni and Aghia Anna, focuses on man’s relationship with the natural environment and includes a series of experiential artistic workshops of theatrical expression and creative writing, music, movement, dance, and visual arts, targeted both at already existing and new intergenerational community groups that deal with the customs and traditions of Evia. In the first stage, each workshop will aim at familiarising participants with the key concepts and techniques of each respective art form, and in the second stage, the fertile dialogue and the collaboration between the different art forms will lead to the creation of an original music theatre performance. The performance will be mounted for the first time in Evia in summer 2023, while in September of that same year it will also be presented at the GNO Alternative Stage in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

Theatrical Expression And Creative Writing Workshops

Wonderful improvisations, plenty of games, interaction exercises, narrations and spontaneous writing of stories, poems and songs will be the ingredients of a project aiming at cultivating imagination, communication, collaboration and team building through a creative process. During the workshops, participants will be called upon to discover the practical applications of theatrical expression and creative writing as a free space of artistic expression within a group. In the second phase of the workshops, focusing on man’s relationship with nature, participants will collaborate with the groups of the rest of the artistic workshops (creative movement and dance, music, visual arts) of the Melisma activity cycle to co-create an original theatre performance, in which everyone will actively participate, onstage or backstage.


Visual Arts Workshops

The visual arts workshops revolving around the planning of a theatre performance are targeted at all ages and aim at introducing participants to all the stages of the set and costume design process. Participants will experiment with new and old methods of artistic creation and design, crafting techniques, costume and special theatre effects design, as well as photography and video. The workshop will offer children and grown-ups a creative experience that will give them the chance to come in contact with the world of visual and performing arts.


Creative Movement And Dance Workshops

Creative movement and dance workshops are targeted at all age groups and aim at promoting experimentation with movement through dance exercises, movement games and improvisation. Participants will form three different and complementary practice groups: a teenagers’ group, a women’s group, and a mixed group with persons of all ages. In their meetings, which will be held once a month throughout the project cycle, the groups will improvise through movement, while they will all together explore how an everyday movement can be transformed, through collaboration, into a dance act and a collective composition.


Music Workshops: Orchestral Ensemble, Choir And Hip Hop

The music workshops will be divided into three categories: an orchestral ensemble, a choral ensemble, and a hip hop/rap music workshop for young people and teenagers. The goal of these workshops is to create groups that will converse with the rest of the programme’s workshops, to accompany the original music theatre performance that will complete the Melisma project. The musical and choral ensembles will include musicians and choristers of all ages and levels and with all types of instruments, while the hip hop/rap workshop will motivate young people and teenagers to write lyrics and compose their own music pie


Music Score and Planning & Implementation of Music Workshops: Yorgos Dousos 

Stage direction: Eleni Efthymiou, Marilena Katranidou 

Texts: Eleni Efthymiou, Marilena Katranidou , Giota Kouitzoglou, Theatrical Expression and Creative Writing Community Group

Research: Marilena Katranidou, Giota Kouitzoglou

Dramaturgy: Eleni Efthymiou 

Sets, Costumes, and Planning & Implementation of Visual Arts Workshops: Dido Gkogkou 

Choreography and Planning & Implementation of Creative Movement and Dance Workshops: Polina Kremasta 

Assistant to the directors: Giota Kouitzoglou

Artistic Coordinator of the Workshops: Marilena Katranidou 

Planning & Implementation of Theatrical Expression and Creative Writing Workshops: Marilena Katranidou, Giota Kouitzoglou

Recording of Educational Methodology: Giota Kouitzoglou




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