Gamelan Orchestra Concert Gamelan Orchestra Concert
Parnassos Literary Society
Gamelan Orchestra Concert
17 April 2022
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Orchestra leader: Andys Skordis


With the participation of musicians: Ioanna Venetia Koukopoulou, Maria Markaki, Eleni Baili, Maximilian Pavlakis, Asani Liapi, Irini Moraiti, Giorgos Stenos, Rezarta Kruja, Stavroula Hande, Edgi Klogiri, Ann-Kristin Sofroniou, George Stavridis

Πρωταγωνιστές Παράστασης

Admission is free upon priority voucher, which will be distributed from Thursday 14 April 2022, at 12.00, exclusively via ticket services.

Parnassos Literary Society

Gamelan Orchestra Concert

 Starts at: 20.00

 Lead Donor of the GNO Learning & Participation Department:



The Learning & Participation Department of the Greek National Opera in collaboration with the Embassy of Indonesia in Greece present the first musical ensemble of traditional Indonesian music in Greece, the Gamelan Orchestra, in a singular concert that will be held at the Parnassos Literary Society concert hall on Sunday 17 April 2022 at 20.00.

The Gamelan Orchestra will take us on a magical journey to tropical Indonesia, performing traditional Gamelan pieces from the island of Java. The programme also includes a new composition by the Orchestra’s leader, Andys Skordis, which is expected to give a new shape and style to Indonesian traditional music.

Admission is free upon priority voucher, which will be distributed  from Thursday 14 April 2022, at 12.00, exclusively via ticket services.


A few words about the Gamelan Orchestra:

The Gamelan Orchestra, whose schedule had been abruptly interrupted due to the pandemic, continues this year its wandering across the traditional music of Java.  Led by composer Andys Skordis, it seeks new worlds of harmony through the unexpected encounter of the Gamelan musical tradition with the contemporary classical music repertoire.


A few words about Andys Skordis:

Andys Skordis was born in Cyprus in 1983. He is a contemporary music composer with a rich work including operas, symphonic works, chamber music, Gamelan pieces, music for theatre, dance and short films. He is also the founder of the contemporary musical ensemble “Patsiaoura”, plays guitar with the trio Monsieur Doumani, and is involved in free improvisation. He has gained many distinctions, the most recent of them being the Black Pencil Prize 2020. This year he is one of the two finalists for the Berlin Opera Prize 2022.


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