Sacred musics of the Sufi Dervishes of Istanbul Sacred musics of the Sufi Dervishes of Istanbul
Fethiye Mosque (Roman Agora)
Sacred musics of the Sufi Dervishes of Istanbul
SEASON 2021/22 - 1st Sacred Music Festival
Holy Τuesday 19 April 2022
Δημιουργική Ομάδα


Taxiarchis Georgoulis oud

Nikos Andrikos voice

Nikos Paraoulakis ney

Tasos Poulios qanun



Πρωταγωνιστές Παράστασης

Practical information:

- Audience members can enter all venues for free, on a first come first served basis. No advance booking is required.

- Due to the limited space available in many of the festival venues, some of the concerts will be repeated up to three times per day, to give the chance to as large an audience as possible to attend them.

- The concerts of the festival will be of short duration (from 25 to 40 minutes on average), so that audience members can attend more than one, if they wish so.

- The distance from one venue to the other is small, so that audience members have the chance to enjoy many of the festival events.

- The detailed programme will be available online at and, while the printed programme that will be distributed to the public will include a map with all the venues, summary descriptions of the events, and QR codes referring to the detailed programme on the GNO website.

- All preventive measures against COVID-19 will be adhered to in all venues.

Fethiye Mosque (Roman Agora)

Sacred musics of the Sufi Dervishes of Istanbul

1st Sacred Music Festival

Starts at 17.00, 18.00 and 19.00clock

Duration: approx. 30 min.

Capacity max. 50 person



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The Mevlevi Order –also known as the whirling dervishes– holds a prominent position in the tradition of Sunni Islamic mysticism. Their presence in the spiritual life, cultural expression and musical creation and practice of 19th-century Ottoman Constantinople was of decisive importance. Yet beyond the use of music, a crucial element in the ritual of Sufi dervishes is dance (whirling), a practice with a special spiritual and symbolic content aiming at inducing mystical ecstasy and leading to union with the Divine.

The concert will feature instrumental and vocal compositions from the rich music culture of the mystical Mevlevi order of dervishes of Istanbul. More specifically, it includes instrumental (peşrev) and vocal (selam) parts from the ayin mystical ceremony, as well as instrumental (taksim) and vocal (kâside) improvisations, which play a vital role in this sacred ritual.

The programme also comprises ilâhi hymns that are exceptionally popular not only among the Mevlevi, but also in the overall Islamic musical environment of Istanbul.


Fethiye Mosque (Roman Agora)

The Muslim house of worship known as Fethiye Mosque, “The Conqueror’s Mosque”, is one of the most important monuments of the Ottoman era in Athens. It stands at the junction of Pelopidas and Panos Streets inside the Roman Agora. According to the prevailing view, it was built in the second half of the 17th century at a place where there used to be a Christian church and earlier than that, a mosque. It was also known as “the mosque of Staropazaro” because it stood within the area where the cereal bazaar was held. After the Greek War of Independence of 1821 and the formation of the modern Greek state, the Fethiye Mosque was used for various purposes. It was restored in 2015 and today it is both a monument open to the public and a venue that hosts various cultural events.


First Sacred Music Festival info leaflet available to read and download here