The GNO Alternative Stage presents works by Jani Christou The GNO Alternative Stage presents works by Jani Christou
Alternative Stage
The GNO Alternative Stage presents works by Jani Christou
June 2016
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Vladimiros Symeonidis

Alexandros Efklidis

Alexandros Psychoulis

George Tellos  

Πρωταγωνιστές Παράστασης

With Aris Servetalis, Lenio Liatsou

Violin, Thodore Patsalidis, Greta Papa
Viola, Hara Sira
Cello, Vassilis Saitis
Double bass, Yannis Chatzis
Flute, Yannis Anisegos
Clarinet, Alexis Stavridis
Piano, Lenio Liatsou

Strychnine Lady
Viola, Greta Papa

Kostas Koutsolelos
Aris Balis
Alexis Zervanos
Konstantinos Gavalas

With the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra (AYSO)

Pavlos Sergiou

Spyros Poulimenos
Haris Tsikleas
Yannis Panagiotou
Alexandros Sofronis
Spyros Zardas-Tsenoglou
Elissavet Boura
Myrsini Dimopoulou
Romanos Lioutas
Christos Kyriakopoulos
Nikos Panas
Nikos Filippopoulos
Eleni Papadopoulou
Yorgos Synodinos
Andreas Kerkezos
Yorgos Chliavoras
Panayiota Kalavrizioti
Irini Kattavenaki
Yannis Mavritsakis
Dimitris Karagiouloglou
Platon Bourgiotis
Konstantina Kouveli
Varvara Tsotra
Myrto Xirouhaki
Mihalis Kontos
Kostas Hinis
Nikos Vlahos

Alternative Stage

The GNO Alternative Stage presents works by Jani Christou

25 June 2016
The performances start at:
The Pianist 18.30 | clock & 19.15 | clock & 00.00 | clock
Strychnine Lady 20.30 | clock & 00.30 | clock
Free admission 

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Jani Christou (1926-1970) was one of the most important personalities of the international avant-garde music. By combining improvisation, stage action and philosophical reflection, Christou pursued the traces of the avant-garde creating, thus, a particularly idiosyncratic and beguiling musical universe. In its first production, the newly-founded GNO Alternative Stage collaborates with the distinguished ensemble of contemporary music, dissonArt, and with the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra and mounts two crucial works taken from the corpus of Jani Christou. Strychnine Lady (1967) is based on the composer’s recollection of dreams and upon Carl Young’s psychoanalysis, the two of them making up a stage entity in which actors and musicians involve the audience into an enthralling, and at the same time inscrutable, co-creation. Anaparastasis III (The Pianist) (1968) is also a work of the composer’s late period and one of the most popular of his entire oeuvre. The figure of the pianist, interpreted alternately by Aris Servetalis and Lenio Liatsou, becomes the “tool” through which the composer explores the mystic and dreamy rituals of artistic meta-praxis. The art installation accompanying the works is created by Alexandros Psychoulis and the production is directed by Alexandros Efklidis.

«We are very happy to have reached the point at which we breathe life into the ambitious project of a second stage for the Greek National Opera, the Alternative Stage, which will be hosted at the wonderful new facilities of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. A few months before the official operation of the National Opera in SNFCC, the performances of Jani Christou’s works at the Alternative Stage, gives a very clear signal to all that will follow and which will be announced soon».
Myron Michailidis
Artistic Director of the GNO

«The particular works of Jani Christou, his overall personality and his work represent for the whole team of the Alternative Stage of the GNO an ideal to which we would like to tend this new artistic body that is added to the GNO. The dialogue between the arts, the spirituality of these particular works as well their ingenuous experimental character, are elements which we hope will recur in the following productions of Alternative Stage of the GNO».
Giorgos Koumendakis
Head of Artistic Programming
of the Alternative Stage of the GNO

The concert will take place within the framework of "Metamorphosis: The SNFCC to the World", a four-day avant-garde cultural programme at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) hosting artists and programmes from all over the world and with free entrance for the audience.

With the participation of the dissonArt ensemble of contemporary music and the Athens Youth Symphony Orchestra (AYSO)

Free admission upon priority coupons. For more info please visit

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