Mademoiselle de Belle-Isle (1905) Mademoiselle de Belle-Isle (1905)
Olympia Theatre
Mademoiselle de Belle-Isle (1905)
SEASON 2013/14 - Spyros Samaras
May 2014
Olympia Theatre

Mademoiselle de Belle-Isle (1905)

Spyros Samaras

11 May 2014
Οpera Cycle
Starts at 18.00 | clock
Free admission

This opera by the great Greek composer who penned the anthem for the modern Olympic Games and who earned a significant reputation in European opera, is based on the novel of the same title by Alexandre Dumas, père. It was written in 1905 on a libretto by Paul Milliet. It premiered in Genoa and was published that same year by Sonzogno, one of the biggest rivals of the famed Ricordi publishing house. Despite the resounding success it had at the time, it is an opera that failed to make it onto contemporary stages.