Carnival Dream (1924) Carnival Dream (1924)
Olympia Theatre
Carnival Dream (1924)
SEASON 2013/14 - Iosif Ritsiardis
February 2014
Olympia Theatre

Carnival Dream (1924)

Iosif Ritsiardis

23 February 2014
Greek Operetta Cycle
Olympia Theatre's Foyer
Starts at 18.00 | clock
Free admission

A work inspired by the rich tradition of Greek carnival revues, what is most interesting about this piece, penned by one of the most celebrated composers and conductors of Greek operetta – the Corfu-born Iosif Ritsiardis (1896-1979), husband of operetta diva Olympia Kandioti-Ritsiardi – is that it juxtaposes the traditional and western traditions of the Carnival as it was celebrated in Athens in the inter-war years.