Journey to eternity Journey to eternity
Thessaloniki Concert Hall
Journey to eternity
SEASON 2012/13 - Renato Zanella - Eleni Karaindrou
September 2013
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Renato Zanella

Eleni Karaindrou

Katerina Angelopoulou

Μiltos Logiadis

Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Journey to eternity

Renato Zanella - Eleni Karaindrou

28, 29 September 2013
Starts at 21.00 | clock

With the City of Thessaloniki Symphony Orchestra, Principal Dancers, Soloists, Coryphées and Corps de Ballet of the GNO

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Renato Zanella choreographs some of the most beautiful music composed by Eleni Karaindrou for the films of eminent filmmaker Theodoros Angelopoulos. The new choreography endeavors to express the emotions represented by Karaindrou’s music and the images of Angelopoulos’s films.

A few words from Renato Zanella:

“The music of Karaindrou is a journey by itself. The word “journey” is also very close to the context that this performance is supposed to have: a short journey”

“My intention is not to narrate a story about the movies. The movies are a world on their own. I wanted to let myself free to be inspired by the music and the films and to create something that describes what I felt while watching them, everything they talk about: all those wonderful and so intense things from which I immediately feel I had to take a distance, strong feelings, passion, despair and sorrow. “

“It was unavoidable for this work to develop under the shadow of this giant director and the truth is that I felt great pressure in the beginning. But all 3 of us, Eleni, Katerina and myself decided that we had to be freed from the films and to interpret the music for this new work.”

“The “journey” and “eternity” are two concepts which have a direct influence to the artist. Creativity, in which you give a personal imput, is like a journey, you never know where you are going to reach, or if what you have done will last in time.”