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Concerts - Marita Paparizou

May 2024
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Marita Paparizou (contralto)
Musical direction: Maurizio Colasanti
Novarte Ensemble
Vocal Ensemble Filii Notas
Vocal ensemble direction: Maria Bazou
Supervising director: Fotini Papathanasiou, Giorgos Achladiotis

Guest participation: Rosa Cappon Poulimenou (mezzo-soprano)
Handmaidens: Elena Pelagia, Anastasia Panagiotopoulou


Πρωταγωνιστές Παράστασης




Ticket prices: €12, €15
Students: €10

Alternative Stage



Marita Paparizou

Available Dates

  • 10 May 2024


Greek National Opera Alternative Stage
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center 

Starts at 20.30   




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Alternative Stage sponsor: PPC (Public Power Company)

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The special concert titled ETHOS, based on the mythology of Hercules, Theseus and Odysseus, exploring their lives, passions and characters, will be held on the GNO Alternative Stage on Friday 10 May, at 20.30. Distinguished Greek contralto Marita Paparizou will perform onstage the passions and deeds of heroes to music by Monteverdi, Handel, Porpora, and Gluck. She will be accompanied by the orchestra Novarte Ensemble under the baton of acclaimed Italian conductor Maurizio Colasanti and the vocal ensemble Filii Notas conducted by Maria Bazou. Fotini Papathanasiou and Giorgos Achladiotis are the supervising directors, with a special guest appearance by mezzo-soprano Rosa Cappon Poulimenou.

The heroes Hercules, Theseus and Odysseus are the inspiration for a dramatized concert that focuses both on their lives, deeds, passions, and tragedies and of those surrounding them. In a tour de force performance, Marita Paparizou, along with soprano Rosa Cappon Poulimenou in a special appearance, is called upon to portray a variety of male and female characters from the baroque opera world, employing different movement techniques, lighting, and props. One minute she is faithful Penelope and the next enraged Antiope, sorrowful Admetus or lovestruck Theseus, resourceful Odysseus or revengeful Circe. Besides, the acrostic that is formed in Greek by the initials of the heroes’ names and the word “Synergy” reflects precisely the concert’s concept, namely the multiple manifestations of the human character, ethos. It is a unique experience that brings the myth to life, using the human voice and orchestral music to embody all the archetypes on stage.





The production “ETHOS” is part of the GNO Alternative Stage’s unit of programming titled “MUSIC THEATRE DAYS”, which falls under the ACT “FESTIVAL EVENTS OF THE GNO ALTERNATIVE STAGE 2024-2025” (MIS 6002467) with code 2024ΕΠ08570049 (Priority: “Fostering regional social cohesion through the enhancement of mechanisms and infrastructure to support employment, education, health care and socioeconomic inclusion” of the programme “Attica 2021-2027”) and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and National Resources.



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