Salò: The Concert
Alternative Stage
Salò: The Concert
18, 25 February & 3 March 2024
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Artistic supervision, visuals: Aris Biniaris
Musical production: Odydoze
Lyrics supervision: Sotiris Tzovaras
Artistic associate, dramaturgy: Nefeli Papanastasopoulou
Set: Mikaela Liakata
Lighting designer: Vangelis Mountrichas
Sound designer: Harris Kremmidas



Performers: $ulee, BabyJ, EXPE, Gxhan, Half Quickie, IGNES, LADELE, OH6, Oxentra

Πρωταγωνιστές Παράστασης

Ticket prices: €12, €15
Students: €10


Alternative Stage


Salò: The Concert

Rap concert inspired by Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, a production based on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film of the same title

Available Dates

  • 18, 25 Feb 2024
  • 03 Mar 2024

Greek National Opera Alternative Stage – SNFCC

Starts at:  22.00 |  



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Alternative Stage sponsor: PPC (Public Power Company)

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Salò: The Concert, a rap concert inspired by Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, a production based on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film of the same title, is coming to take over the GNO Alternative Stage at the SNFCC, on 18, 25 February and 3 March 2024. Nine leading young performers of the Greek rap scene will light up the GNO Alternative Stage in an explosive concert that will be held against the production’s stunning backdrop, after the end of the performance.

Salò: The Concert, under the artistic supervision of Aris Biniaris, explores both the film’s theme and the Italian creator’s broader oeuvre, using the tools and aesthetic of a modern musical movement. It constitutes one more proof of Pasolini’s lasting impact and GNO’s constant commitment to promoting an open and inclusive dialogue with today’s diverse creative voices.

The young Greek rap scene performers $ulee, BabyJ, EXPE, Gxhan, Half Quickie, IGNES, LADELE, OH6 and Oxentra composed original songs with lyrics inspired by the film’s content and the Italian director’s broader poetic universe. The musical production has been undertaken by Odydoze, and Sotiris Tzovaras supervises the lyrics.

The rappers featured in Salò: The Concert


$ulee – rapper hailing from Thessaloniki. He is a member of the collective Stealth Records. In 2021 he released his first album LOST FILES 2020 PT.1. Since then he has also released numerous singles, the mixtape Late Birthday Mix and the EPs S.M.G. and GLA MAFIA, in collaboration with BabyJ. Moreover, he has worked together with Hawk on the piece “DIVA” from the album 5D.

BabyJ – rapper hailing from Thessaloniki. He, too, is a member of the collective Stealth Records. Last year he released his first album REBORN, and the collaborative EP with $ulee GLA MAFIA. Furthermore, he has released three singles and the EP New Season.

EXPE – rapper hailing from Thessaloniki, with over ten years of presence in the domestic rap music scene. Since 2020 he has released numerous singles, two albums, Laguna and Easy, and the EPs ΠΤΚΣΝ and ΣΝΑΚ.

GXHAN – rapper hailing from Athens. He is a member of the collective WAKE ’N’ BAKE RECORDS. Last year he released his first collaborative EP with Twelvee, produced by Stolou ARCADE productions. Since 2001 he has released eight singles, either solo or in collaboration with other rappers, such as Μel, Yolte, Kareem Kalokoh, Norm, and Κijha.

Half Quickie – rapper hailing from Athens. He has released four solo singles, and pieces in collaboration with Zenon, Rugas, and the Italian Zegueretti. His last piece “ΧΑΜΠΑΡΙ” is the first single from his album that will be released this year by Kaist productions.

IGNES – rapper hailing from Athens. In 2021 he participated in Dof Sessions, produced by Dof Twogee, with the piece “Selecao”. Since then he has released two singles, “HADES” and “Revenge”.

LADELE – rapper hailing from Thessaloniki. Last year she released her first solo  EP Maestro, as well as the EP POV, in collaboration with rapper Rima. Moreover, she has worked together with rappers Tsaki, Grizzle and ΧΑΡΑ on various pieces.

OH6 – rapper/producer hailing from Athens. He has released a plethora of singles and, last year, his first EP Skaei Diskos Ep. Moreover, he has undertaken the musical production of various pieces for artists such as Mad Clip, Light, Dirty Harry, and Roi 6/12.

Oxentra – rapper hailing from Thessaloniki. In 2022 she released her first album   CABARET DE LUMIERE. Added to that, since 2020 she has released ten solo singles and has collaborated with rapper Grizzle and the French artist Lylice.