Paris Mexis

Set designer, director and creative director, he works in the performing arts (opera, theatre, dance), communication and advertising in Greece and inter- nationally. In parallel with his artistic activity, he designs exhibitions and corporate events. He is an artistic collaborator in the communication design offices Beetroot and Caparo. He designs book covers for Patakis Publications. He has a wide range of educational activities, delivering lectures, seminars and workshops, occasionally teaching in the art, design & media, educational group AKTO and he is a communication consultant at the Costeas-Geitonas School. He works as a communication consultant in the private sector and in government agencies. He is the founding president of the Society of Set and Costume Designers of Greek Theatre, a founding member of the Polyphoni- ca intercultural art education company for children belonging to socially vulnerable groups, a founding member and communication consultant at the Mind the Fact cultural festival and a member of the International Organi- sation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians. He was born in Athens and studied in Athens, London and Prague.