David Debrinay

He started his career as a lighting designer when he was twenty two years old. Before that, he worked as a lighting designer assistant while he was studying History at the University of Lyon. Throughout all these years, he has been mainly designing lighting for theatre and opera, collaborating with artists such as Richard Brunel, Max-Emanuel Cenčić, Jakob Peters-Messer, Jean-Louis Benoît, Nicola Raab, Laurent Brethome, Jean Lacornerie, Johanny Bert, Simon Delétang, Jean-Claude Berutti and Laurent Fréchuret. He has also been working for dance with Lucinda Childs, Jonah Boaker, Alejandro Cerrudo, Davy Brun and Yan Raballand. Since 2015, he is also involved in deluxe events, designing lights for Hermès International, Château de Versailles Spectacles, Crush Agency (Dubai) and WB Show (Shanghai), among others. In 2018 he created LAM, a lighting design agency of which he is artistic director.