Marina Satti's chórεs
Archeological site of Malia
Marina Satti's chórεs
19 August
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Artistic director
Marina Satti

Music coach – Musical direction
Eirini Patsea

Movement coach- Dance
Markella Manoliadi, Sophia Konstantinidou

Sound Recording
Yannis Baxevanis
Chorus Coordination
Thomais Triantafyllidou

Alexandros Frangoulatzis

Patti Dedousopoulou, Marina Emmanouilidou, Simela Emmanouilidou, Georgia Zachariadi, Anastasia Karachristou, Chryssa Klisiari, Katerina Koutsonikola, Ariel Krarup, Irini Masali, Evelina Megaloοikonomou, Alkmini Basakarou, Danae Politi, Dimitra Spela, Danae Stergiou, Danae Handa - Martin  

Archeological site of Malia
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Marina Satti's chórεs

Available Dates

  • 19 Aug 2020

GNO Alternative Stage Production

Starts at: 19.00 | clock

All events are free to the public and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
Spectators may only need to pay an entrance fee to the sites, where required.

Advance booking necessary.
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The use of a non-medical mask is necessary during the event



The female vocal ensemble chórεs continue their successful collaboration with the Greek National Opera with a series of concerts at selected archaeological sites across Greece. These concerts will feature a specially designed programme including Yannis KonstantinidisEight Dodecanesian Songs from Rhodes, Kastellorizo, Tilos, Karpathos, Kos and Kalymnos, eight traditional Greek songs by Lajos Bardos from the cycle Hellasz, as well aspieces from other countries, ranging from African gospels to Balkan songs. 


oli i ellada 


All of Greece, One culture

Greek National Opera presents a series of events at archaeological sites all over Greece

This summer the Greek National Opera presents a series of events at archaeological sites all over Greece. In response to the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to make use of the archaeological sites across the country during this difficult summer, the Greek National Opera participates in the new institution All of Greece, One culture with a series of events highlighting its multifaceted artistic mark, curated by Artistic Director Giorgos Koumendakis.

From 18 July to 15 September, 20 different music, opera, operetta and dance programmes and tributes will visit 70 archaeological sites, in a total of 111 performances. Under the unprecedented conditions we are all facing, the events will mark the return to the relationship between the artists and the audience, and will be held in compliance with the instructions and guidelines of the competent authorities.In these 20 programmes proposed by the GNO and organized in 6 cycles, emphasis is given on the Greek music creation, from traditional songs to sophisticated music, including selections from opera and classical music that remain staples in the GNO repertory, while dance is also present through the participation of members of the GNO Ballet.