I want to see the Pope! (1920)
Archeological site of Ancient Zone
I want to see the Pope! (1920)

Other venues - Theophrastus Sakellaridis

9 August
Δημιουργική Ομάδα

Orchestration for a four-member instrumental ensemble
Michalis Papapetrou




Anna Stylianaki

Dimitris Paksoglou

Vangelis Maniatis

Myrto Bokolini


Kostis Rasidakis

Mrs Latroudi
Lydia Angelopoulou

Πρωταγωνιστές Παράστασης


Dionisis Vervitsiotis

Giannis Kritikos

Stamatis Pasopoulos

Double bass
Dimitris Tigkas

Archeological site of Ancient Zone
Other venues

I want to see the Pope! (1920)

Theophrastus Sakellaridis

Available Dates

  • 09 Aug 2020

GNO Alternative Stage Production

Starts at: 20.30 | clock

All events are free to the public and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
Spectators may only need to pay an entrance fee to the sites, where required.

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Live “radio” operettas

The year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the death of Theophrastus Sakellaridis, a creator who has left a deep imprinton the domestic musico-theatrical life, despite the fact that the creative field in which he excelled was light music theatre. The Greek National Opera honours the frontrunner of Greek operetta, this difficult summer, by presenting two of his most important works as live “radio” performances. Music theatre is, besides, the par excellence theatre of sound. Keeping the distances and giving greater room to imagination, Sakellaridis’ two works will be presented alternately at six archaeological sites, filling this leap year’s summer nightswith their spark, humour and wonderful music.

I want to see the Pope!is a work depictingto the full the modern urban subjectspreoccupying Sakellaridis -who also marks his stamp on the work’s libretto-while undermining the foundations of urban life and generatingvitriolic criticism of the family institution.

In line with the genre’s standards, the composer exhibits a high musico-theatrical resourcefulness in the portrayal of characters threatening the constants of family life. The  libretto is a domestic adaptation of Maurice Hennequin’s Les Joies du foyer (1894). Hennequin’s works have served as the basis for more great works of the composer, such as The Godson (1918) and The daughter of the storm (1923). Sakellaridis renders Hennequin’s tight farce in an eloquent dramatic speech andachieves an ideal musico-theatrical dramaturgy by embellishing the plot with fifteen musical numbers. 


oli i ellada 



All of Greece, One culture

Greek National Opera presents a series of events at archaeological sites all over Greece

This summer the Greek National Opera presents a series of events at archaeological sites all over Greece. In response to the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to make use of the archaeological sites across the country during this difficult summer, the Greek National Opera participates in the new institution All of Greece, One culture with a series of events highlighting its multifaceted artistic mark, curated by Artistic Director Giorgos Koumendakis.

From 18 July to 15 September, 20 different music, opera, operetta and dance programmes and tributes will visit 70 archaeological sites, in a total of 111 performances. Under the unprecedented conditions we are all facing, the events will mark the return to the relationship between the artists and the audience, and will be held in compliance with the instructions and guidelines of the competent authorities.

In these 20 programmes proposed by the GNO and organized in 6 cycles, emphasis is given on the Greek music creation, from traditional songs to sophisticated music, including selections from opera and classical music that remain staples in the GNO repertory, while dance is also present through the participation of members of the GNO Ballet.