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1. The contents of this website are the property of the Greek National Opera (GNO) and are governed by Law 2121/1993, as well as by international treaties/agreements relating to intellectual property rights of which Greece is a signatory.
2. Access to the website is free of charge and is aimed at informing the public of the GNO’s programme and offering the public the ability to purchase tickets online.
3. Every visitor/user to/of this website is responsible for upholding the terms of legislation governing intellectual property rights, wherever applicable.
4. It is strictly prohibited to copy, publish, reproduce, transmit, frame, hyperlink, upload, post or distribute in any way, or create derivative works from the Contents, in any form or in any medium, dub, design or create a mirror website, whether for profit or non-profit, or for any other use, part or the entirety of this website without the prior consent of the GNO.
5. Visitors/users of this website are responsible for any damages or losses incurred by the misuse of its services. The GNO is not liable for any damages or losses incurred by the free and informed use by visitors/users of this website’s pages, services and/or Internet links under any circumstances, including negligence.
6. The GNO strives to ensure that the entirety of the content and information contained herewith is accurate, concise, complete, regularly updated and available, though it does not guarantee that the pages, services, links and contents are provided without interruption or mistakes, or that mistakes will be rectified. It does not guarantee that the present website or any other related website or the servers through which these services are provided, are free of viruses or other harmful or destructive components.
7. The GNO reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any information or technical content on this website and to apply software or other methods to facilitate the audience.
8. The GNO does not control nor is responsible for the content, privacy policy or quality or services of other websites to which it provides links.
9. Parents and custodians must provide their consent to minors wishing to use the contents and services of this website.
10. The use and protection of personal data provided by the visitors/users of this website are governed by the relevant Greek and European legislation.
11. The personal data required for the online purchase of tickets by the user are the following: Full name, address, contact number and credit card details. The above data are stored in the GNO’s ticket service archive and cannot be distributed to third parties.
12. The content of the newsletters are the property of the GNO and are protected by the relevant Greek laws and international agreements. The personal data of users are stored in the GNO archive and cannot be distributed to third parties.
13. Accredited journalists are allowed, with the written consent of the GNO, to use press releases in their entirety or to modify them, according to terms of their professional code of ethics, for the purpose of promoting or publicising the GNO’s activities, events and news. Press releases are, without limitation, the intellectual property of the GNO and are protected by the relevant Greek legislation and international agreements. The GNO reserves the right to prohibit journalists’ access to the press/media page. The personal data submitted by journalists are stored in the GNO archive and cannot be distributed to third parties.
14. The above terms and conditions of use for this website, as well as any modifications, changes or adulteration of them are governed by Greek law, European Union regulations and the relevant international agreements.
15. The present represents a contractual agreement between the GNO and the visitor/user. No alterations of these terms will be considered valid or a part of this agreement unless stated in writing and embodied within it.
16. Any differences that may arise from the terms and conditions of use come under the jurisdiction of the Athens courts and are governed by Greek law.